2018 Toyota Highlander vs 2018 GMC Terrain

Choosing a new vehicle can be overwhelming. There are so many available vehicles on the market, and it can be nearly impossible to come to a conclusion on what car is going to match your ideal range of features, at a price point that fits what you need. Luckily, Toyota of Lawton is here to help you in the car buying process by showing you how the latest model of Toyota SUV stacks up against one of GMC's latest SUVs in this 2018 Toyota Highlander vs 2018 GMC Terrain comparison.

In order to guarantee that you are getting the fairest and most accurate comparison possible, we will be comparing the base trim levels for both vehicles, which are the closest to each other in both price range and features. Continue reading to see a detailed comparison between the features of the 2018 Toyota Highlander and the 2018 GMC Terrain. If you are in the Lawton OK area and are already considering purchasing an all-new Toyota Highlander, follow the link above to our inventory.

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Which SUV is Right for You?

When looking at a direct comparison like this, it is totally obvious that the 2018 Toyota Highlander reigns supreme over the 2018 GMC Terrain. Let's take a closer look at the specific reasons why the 2018 Highlander is the superior SUV.

The engine in the 2018 Toyota Highlander, at 185 maximum horsepower, is significantly more powerful than the engine in the 2018 GMC Terrain. With this increase in power, it is definitely not a surprise that the 2018 Highlander can tow up to 1,500 pounds.

The seating in the 2018 Toyota Highlander, compared to the seating in the 2018 GMC Terrain, is a major difference that could potentially be the turning point in this choice. With 8 seats in the 2018 Highlander, it is absolutely the right choice between the two for larger families. 

Another reason that the 2018 Toyota Highlander is easily the better vehicle for larger families is that it has way more maximum cargo space than the 2018 GMC Terrain. With 83.7 total cubic feet of storage, compared to 63.3 cubic feet for the Terrain, gives you more than enough space to get the job done.

Finally, the 2018 Toyota Highlander comes with the standard feature of adaptive cruise control, which is not an available feature in the 2018 GMC Terrain. This is just one of numerous great convenience features that the 2018 Toyota Highlander has to offer.