Lifetime Engine Warranty

 Toyota of Lawton's Lifetime Engine Warranty is designed to provide added value and an unsurpassed long-term benefit to our customers, assuring you the best ownership experience possible. Since Toyota of Lawton is assuming the risk associated with a LIFETIME warranty, several limitations, restrictions, and maintenance requirements must apply to keep the warranty valid for as long as you own your Toyota.

This lifetime warranty represents an exceptional, no-cost value to our customer, however, it is limited to the engine and it's internal parts only. It is highly recommended that customers take advantage of one of our extended warranty programs. These extended warranty programs provide a very comprehensive coverage to the vehicle.

Limitations, Restrictions and Requirements

1. Warranty is non-transferable. It is only valid for the original purchaser of the car.

2. Warranty is limited to engine and all internally lubricated parts.

3. Any engine failure caused by abuse, neglect, or engine modification will not be covered.

4. Customers must have oil changed at every 5000 mile interval by Toyota of Lawton. Free or discounted oil changes, or other Specials will gladly be accepted, they simply must be performed at Toyota of Lawton.

5. Oil changes and any other maintenance performed by anyone other than Toyota of Lawton will void the warranty.

6. The only maintenance, other than the 5000 mile oil changes, required To keep the warranty valid, is an engine flush service to be done at 30,000 miles and every 30,000 mile interval after. This service will Be performed at the customer's expense, but will be performed at the most-competitive price available at that time.


If engine failure occurs, and all of the above conditions have been met, Toyota of Lawton will provide a new, used or re-manufactured engine, all Other parts and fluids, plus labor to perform the repair at no cost to the Customer. Non-Factory Warranty.